JM Management Services Pty Ltd offers you individual mentoring for senior management and key personnel from all levels of your company. Not only most CEOs but Senior Staff also require a Mentor to challenge their thinking with new ideas and strategies. Successful businesses identify the importance of a clear direction and that a sustainable change may be critical to achieving organisational goals.

Our team leader, Dr. Jens Mohr, has many years of experience running international businesses in global market. As a member of Boards and Advisory committees he can advise you to improve the profitability of your business and to find solutions for “problems” in your organization.
Mentoring is a learning relationship between two people. It requires trust, commitment and emotional support. It has a time scale.

Our services comprise:

  • Efficient improvement of results in critical areas of your business.
  • Performance optimization of senior personnel
  • Development of strategic procedures
  • Defining objectives
  • Process review
  • Mentoring for Senior Executive personnel 

How we proceed:

  • Setting objectives
  • We set individual objectives together with you. We check which of our services would be of greatest benefit for your organization.
  • What is your priority?
  • We develop a concept according to your target group and time frames.
  • We document all interviews for you.

Project implementation

We will keep you informed during the implementation of the concept. To achieve a successful solution, we believe it is critical to maintain open and regular dialog with our clients.

Once the implementation has been completed we will evaluate and review the project together with you. Possible further strategies can be discussed and we will be available for further projects if required.