We conduct business partner searches and prepare market studies.


Identify your business partner with our help. Depending on your specific requirements, we can find the right business partner or distributor for you in Australia.

We can also supply you with an individual analysis of your product portfolio and how it fits into the Australian market.


We undertake a detailed and tailor-made market analysis for you to be used as a basis for your strategic planning. We develop opportunities for your products which help you to make the right decisions and investments. 


Our services comprise:

  • A comprehensive and product specific market analysis and how your product would be incorporated into the Australian market
  • Business partner search, joint ventures to be set up
  • Organsation of company visits and preparation of a visit schedule
  • Search for skilled, qualified personnel
  • Establishing a business in Australia
  • Local representation of your company/products, especially for medium sized companies
  • Assistance with contacting Austrlian regulatory and industry-specific organisations

How we proceed:

  • Determination of your objectives
  • Market study including market analysis, data evaluation and strategic recommendations
  • report submission

Your advantage:

  • We help you to achieve a timely introduction into the local industry. We put you in contact with relevant industry associations and organise introductions to the necessary Government agencies if required
  • We organise company visits with potential business partners
  • Efficient search for local representation in Australia for your products. We can help you to achieve your objectives at very competitve rates.